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Terms & Conditions

1) ONLY citizens of Trinidad and Tobago must complete and sign the gate form and submit birth certificate and any form of Photo Identification (Drivers permit is not accepted).

2) CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR SECURITY REASONS: Payment may be made either by Linx, Credit Card, Direct Deposit or Cheque.

3) Fees are for tuition/term only. Separate fees apply for books and study school.

4) Revision courses must be taken during the TERM of the course taken. THEY CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO A DIFFERENT EXAM SITTING.

5) Fees are non-refundable or transferable.

6)  All Students discontinuing their course should inform the office in writing on the date of the last class attended stating clearly the reason for discontinuing and the papers discontinuing.  Credit notes will be prepared based on the date this letter is received in the office.  Students discontinuing will no longer be entitled to the package prices listed but will instead be charged full prices for classes and books taken. Credit notes must be used within 12 months.

7) Books are given out only when gate form is completed, received and student pays for books/study schools.

8) Computer Based Examinations are not transferable.

9) Complaints Procedure – See attached page.

10) Study Room facilities and reference books are available only to registered students of our Institute.

11) Any tuition fees not paid by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education will be paid by the student.

12) Students ACCA registration number must be provided to the Institution if claiming through GATE.

13) Students who are repeating papers cannot claim for GATE again and will have to pay the tuition fees on their own.

Foreign students: contact the office for further details if needed.