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About Us

Omardeen School of Accountancy Limited is committed to the highest standards of quality education for our students. Our aim is to create an environment that is healthy, safe and conducive to learning. We ensure that we comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements in meeting these objectives.

It is our responsibility to satisfy the needs of our students by providing them with quality service. As a result, we have put in place systems, policies and procedures to equip our employees and lecturers to meet these demands. Our initiative ensures that the culture at our school craters and fosters a spirit of continuous improvement, growth and learning.

Finally, we are committed to service in the most courteous and professional way.

Our Mission

“To be the definitive provider of Accountancy Education in Trinidad and Tobago. By our efforts, to provide a place of sound learning for our students, a safe and rewarding career for our employees and utilizing all our resources, complement the Accountancy and Business professions as a whole”.