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Your Career in Accountancy Begins Here

Students at Omardeen go on to become great accountants and business people. You can be too. We have what you need to become a success. We have the best lecturers and resources that help you make sense of nonsense. We can lead you, but you have to achieve it.

Are you ready to work hard? Your future is in your hands. Grab the opportunities available to you. Being successful means working hard. Omardeen is here to help!

Our mission is to be the definitive provider of Accountancy Education in Trinidad and Tobago. By our efforts, to provide a place of sound learning for our students, a safe and rewarding career for our employees and utilizing all our resources, complement the Accountancy and Business professions as a whole.

Why Choose Omardeen?

  • More contact hours than any other provider
  • Our team of over 35 professionally qualified and experienced tutors, all dedicated to your success
  • Mock exams conducted and marked to provide feedback and ensure success
  • Free high speed internet access
  • For part time students, revision courses are scheduled to ensure you do not add from your days off from work
  • Job placement assistance provided for students who submit resumes in the office

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